Handmade Overlays…

So, I’ve started to compile my own set of overlays.  I still use some from Florabella, but lately I’ve been shooting both textures and out of focus images for color overlays.  I used some of the color overlays for these images I shot on Christmas day… Our first white Christmas since I moved to NC.

The overlay concept is fairly easy, and in fact, once you get the layer into photoshop over your image, the only thing you have to do is change the blending mode to ‘overlay’  or play around with the other blending modes.

Here are a few, and I also added some scratches and texture using Florabella’s overlays as well as some textures I’ve shot of cement, stucco, and bark.

Hope your New Years and Christmas were fantastic, and I pray your 2011 is wonderful.




A few last minute wrapping ideas.  Got these snowflakes at the dollar store, in giant packs of 8!  And the ribbon stuff I already had.

Trying to use what i’ve got on hand.  Thank goodness for glue.

And these cute little things are literally from scraps of fabric that I have sewn onto cardstock.  Use a little red yarn… you get the idea…

Have a wonderful and happy holiday season.


Make it magical.


Going Green…

So, My mother laughed at me when i told her I was trying to find a use for my used Purex Laundry sheets.  One, they are in a wavy shape, which has it’s limitations, and 2…  they are small.  I put out a call on facebook to get some ideas, and my friend Jen in SC mentioned that I might be able to sew them together and use them as batting.

Since they still smell good, even though they are used, I now have a stocking for my son using ALL scraps (couldn’t bear to part with the dr. seuss scraps!), that smells good.  AND, when i put it in with my christmas stuff after Christmas is over, everything in the BOX will smell good!

Ha, ain’t I smart!


I’ve been a busy little bee, with an upcoming silent auction at the Greensboro Roller Derby Bout, as well as TONS of infant photography and product work.

Christmas always takes me by surprise, too, and this year, once i posted the pic of the skirt i made from ZoZo BugBaby, i got immediate orders!!!  so not only am i doing photography this holiday season, I’m sewing.  TONS!

Here is a link to her site…  if you’re a sewer, or even if you just like really cute children’s clothing and bedding, I’d suggest a visit!

I’ll be posting some of my other projects this week, as soon as i can write up the tutorials.


Take care

Oh, and here’s a little gift from me to you…  hope you enjoy!


hip to be round…

Check this out…

This is one of my girlfriend’s from college, and THIS is her new Etsy page, Ronnie’s Wrist Records.

Ronnie has a degree in photography, and is just like me in that she can’t just stop there!  So now she’s making these really great wrist cuffs out of reclaimed Vinyl.

I need to get sewing.


Take a gander and grab something for your stocking before it’s too late!


Thankful for New Fat Quarters…

So I’m starting two new projects this week.  Here’s a little teaser of the fabric for one of them…

I’m thinking of using this example for a possible quilt:



Picked up the fabric at my new favorite fabric hangout, the Dragonfly Quilt Shop, in High Point, NC.

Still have to make 3 more of the skirts i made last week, and actually have others asking about ordering some from me, so i don’t know…  just not sure i’m motivated, with the mountain of household tasks that is growing around me as I get back into crafting and sewing.

we.  will.  see.


Take care, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


best pattern ever.

So, told you i downloaded the pattern from zozobugbaby…  i literally made a skirt tonight in less than an hour… so much fun!

I started with this:

and ended up with this:

I even threw together a couple headbands for my ‘sibling’ photo shoot tomorrow, using a tutorial i found on youtube on making fabric roses.

So how ya like me now?  lol

And special thanks to the lovely Miss Kate, who modeled my new creation today.  So cute I could eat her up with a spoon!!!

have a great evening!



So, have been completely swamped with the fall influx my photography business has been fortunate to have this year.

So much so, that I have neglected my projects.

Thankfully, recent events lead me back to my home, where I will hopefully be able to spend more time being more creative and less ‘income’ centric for a while.

I’ve missed a whole lot of projects this year, but it hink it’s about quality, not quantity, and the whole purpose of this blog was to just get me to do anything, so i guess i can’t complain.

I did, however, locate a new source today for fabric, and im off and running again.

Am so excited… they have the greatest groupings of colors and fabrics…  I’m going to be in so much trouble if i spend too much time in there!

Picked up some amazing fabric, and then went online to Zozo Bugbaby and got this great pattern to work on this week:

Anyhoo, onto some organizing.  I’ve moved a photography studio that encompassed 4000 sq. ft. into my home and a tiny storage unit, so I have my work cut out for me as far as getting re-organized.

We’ll see

See you soon.

At least that’s the plan.