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The girls over at Love that Shot have an exciting surprise planned for the Love Your Shot! | Link-Up on Thursday, September 30th. There’s going to be a theme, a couple of guest photographer judges (you may know them pretty well), and a fabulous prize for the winner! You’re definitely not going to want to miss this one…

Tell all your friends to join us on Thursday for the Love Your Shot! | Link-Up…because hey, what’s a party without the guests, right! Oh, and if you’re not quite sure how the link-ups work, click here for the FAQ page, or click here for the Link-Up archives. We can’t wait to see “your favorite faces”, so get out there and start shooting!


old dog…new tricks

So, decided that since the past few months have been fruitless, as far as projects that I’ve posted, I would share what I’ve been up to over at, where I am now on the Creative Team of artists.

The Blossom Flower Workshop is going on right now, and in the first week I’m already pushing myself to learn as much as I can.

Here are my first two tries at assignment #1, the ‘Clean Edit’ project.

In the past few months I have been suffering from migraines, so I haven’t spent as much time uploading projects to this blog as I would like, but tomorrow I’ll try to upload my ‘Mad Hatter’ hat project, along with some images of my coffee cozy, which I am going to sell at the coffee shop below my studio!

Thanks all for hanging in!


doin’ his thang…

Quinn has recently decided that when I do a photo shoot in the studio, he’s going to do one as well.  And so, even though he swears he’s going to be a ‘robot scientist’, he comes along, tests the lights, and shoots images with his Fisher Price camera, while I do my thing.  Even going so far as saying stuff like ‘oh, yeah, that’s the stuff’, and ‘oh, right there, turn the other way’… lol, it cracks me up, but on occasion it gives me pause.  He’s going to be 7 this year, and honestly, for some reason, 7 stalls me a bit… 7???  He can’t be 7 yet.  It feels too soon.  5 maybe, 6, okay, but 7???  Old enough to pick out his own shirts, and to tell me where he’s going to leave it unbuttoned to (yes, looking a bit like a gigolo lately…just needs a thick gold chain!).  Old enough to (against my threats of imminent death) go outside the the building on his own, into the back alley, get spooked, and run back in when they can’t find me out there…Old enough to call the phone number a little girl left in his 1st grade yearbook (yikes) and ‘invite her on a playdate’…  Old enough to do a lot of things I don’t want him doing, but that’s he’s pushing towards, edging past that ‘warning’ line, and into the Independance area.

Nope, not ready.  Come on back here, baby boy.

I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

Just not yet.


cozy up…

So, remember that pile of old sweaters I bought a few months ago?  I’ve been looking for a project to recycle them, and decided that this tutorial from House on Hill Road is perfect:

So tonight I got to it, and cut out 30 pieces, which I will begin to back and sew this week.  I will then attempt to sell them at our locally owned coffee shop, and see how they do.  I’m just excited to be able to recycle these sweaters, which had been relegated to a ‘trash’ pile.  So glad.

for my mother’s day, Quinn suggested we go letterboxing, so we did.  We couldn’t find any of the boxes, but we had a great time, and the weather was beautiful.

We even made our first attempt at locating a ‘Geocache’ today, and though we were unsuccessful, we have decided that we want to try more, so I’ll be on the lookout for a GPS this week…  I absolutely love being outdoors with my family, and if it weren’t for my bad back, I’d definitely do it much more!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.  Enjoy it.



So, I have a confession to make.  I am stuck.  I knew this would happen, but not so early in the game.  I started out on my California trip all ready to begin my new travel journal… and yet not one page has been finished since the first.  I collected a bag full of paper scraps, and nothing that is pretty or worthy of a journal.  I don’t have good nice writing.  I don’t have much important to say.

If anyone is out there, can you throw me some motivation?  I’m in a rut, big time, and have no idea how to get out of it.



back to the grind…

Whoo, it’s been a crazy 2 weeks!!!  Trip to Cali, bee stings, emergency room visit for quinn, lots and lots of family… what a time we had!  Until I get back in the swing, here are some pics to keep you occupied!  See you in a day or so!


The stuff I love…

This week I am shooting textiles for Studio Peele Designs.  We spent the day, Thursday, shooting on location in Thomasville, NC.  This stuff is so great, and I really cannot show a lot, as it’s hush hush for Market in April, but here’s a little peek of what we ended up with… I love it!

For some of the other ‘non textile’ type images we shot, just kickin’ around her father’s barn and workshop (which, by the way, was really cool), check out my other blog HERE.

Getting ready for our trip to California, so this is short and sweet.  Hopefully next week we’ll have some really great pics.  We plan on letterboxing and the like while we’re out there, so that should be fun!

An update on Jesse…she’s doing better this week, but is still uncomfortable.  Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and prayers