doin’ his thang…

Quinn has recently decided that when I do a photo shoot in the studio, he’s going to do one as well.  And so, even though he swears he’s going to be a ‘robot scientist’, he comes along, tests the lights, and shoots images with his Fisher Price camera, while I do my thing.  Even going so far as saying stuff like ‘oh, yeah, that’s the stuff’, and ‘oh, right there, turn the other way’… lol, it cracks me up, but on occasion it gives me pause.  He’s going to be 7 this year, and honestly, for some reason, 7 stalls me a bit… 7???  He can’t be 7 yet.  It feels too soon.  5 maybe, 6, okay, but 7???  Old enough to pick out his own shirts, and to tell me where he’s going to leave it unbuttoned to (yes, looking a bit like a gigolo lately…just needs a thick gold chain!).  Old enough to (against my threats of imminent death) go outside the the building on his own, into the back alley, get spooked, and run back in when they can’t find me out there…Old enough to call the phone number a little girl left in his 1st grade yearbook (yikes) and ‘invite her on a playdate’…  Old enough to do a lot of things I don’t want him doing, but that’s he’s pushing towards, edging past that ‘warning’ line, and into the Independance area.

Nope, not ready.  Come on back here, baby boy.

I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

Just not yet.



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