Going Green…

So, My mother laughed at me when i told her I was trying to find a use for my used Purex Laundry sheets.  One, they are in a wavy shape, which has it’s limitations, and 2…  they are small.  I put out a call on facebook to get some ideas, and my friend Jen in SC mentioned that I might be able to sew them together and use them as batting.

Since they still smell good, even though they are used, I now have a stocking for my son using ALL scraps (couldn’t bear to part with the dr. seuss scraps!), that smells good.  AND, when i put it in with my christmas stuff after Christmas is over, everything in the BOX will smell good!

Ha, ain’t I smart!


I’ve been a busy little bee, with an upcoming silent auction at the Greensboro Roller Derby Bout, as well as TONS of infant photography and product work.

Christmas always takes me by surprise, too, and this year, once i posted the pic of the skirt i made from ZoZo BugBaby, i got immediate orders!!!  so not only am i doing photography this holiday season, I’m sewing.  TONS!

Here is a link to her site…  if you’re a sewer, or even if you just like really cute children’s clothing and bedding, I’d suggest a visit!

I’ll be posting some of my other projects this week, as soon as i can write up the tutorials.


Take care

Oh, and here’s a little gift from me to you…  hope you enjoy!



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