Anakin oh Anakin, must you really turn to the dark side???

So last Friday was ‘Book Character’ day at school, which pretty much means that my son can pick ANY one or ANY thing to dress up as… odd, since they don’t allow the kids to dress up for halloween at his school, but this was just as good.

I had found this faux leather type lined vinyl fabric at a bulk fabric warehouse in Burlington, NC called Buds.  If you get a chance, you should detour there… the stuff is dirt cheap, and you can make any and all types of things for very little money.

Anakin got a ‘leather’ vest, and of course, leather bracers to round out his look.

Haven’t posted the ‘how to’ yet, but will do so tomorrow.  It’s so simple, and you can embellish any way you’d like.  the first pair i made of these include d-rings, but I was out, and the velcro actually worked better, as the lining on this fabric was too slick and the attachment pieces kept sliding out of the d-rings.  The velcro required some extra sewing, but totally worth it.   He wore them all day.  Will post pics of his costume tomorrow, as well.

Good stuff, costumes are.



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