heart season…

Tis that time again, folks… when pink and frilly take over and demolish red and green.  It can get kind of ugly folks, all the way down to the battery operated electric dancing teddy bear dressed like a hoochie mama singing ‘single lady’ at the local super star.  UGLY.

So I try to keep it short and sweet.  A little sprinkle here, a little pink red and white there, and maybe a bit of turquoise sprinkled in just for fun (though i couldn’t find turquoise sprinkles for cookies.

Quinn and I were stuck home all day, as the weekend storm rendered our car frozen in time…  Had to have the husband jump the car when he arrived a little while ago.

Needless to say, had to be creative and find things for us to do outside of  the Wii that was calling his name and the pile of movies we had rented before the storm;  one can only watch UP so many times before it becomes more DOWN than up.

Have a wonterful winter evening.



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