if you have a needle and thread…

Hi.  I know, you craft, but you just don’t quilt.  No worries.  If you can work a needle and thread, you can help to raise money for breast cancer awareness!

Violet Bella is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, and that’s saying a lot, since i follow like 75 different blogs in all.

She has some amazing items in both of her Etsy Shops…one for jewelry and one for photography.  I absolutely covet her antique Key jewelry!

Anyhoo, she’s hoping to recruit 80 artists to create 12×12″ squares for a quilt which will then be auctioned off to raise the money.

At the very least, visit the blog, poke around a bit… Some of the posts are heartbreaking, and some are awe-inspiring, but it’s all just beautiful, gorgeous, perfect.

And if you think you can hang with us big dogs (hey, do i smell a challenge?), head here to sign up.

If you’re just looking for a reason to get creative today, I just gave you one.




2 responses to “if you have a needle and thread…

  1. thank you so much for posting about this! and thanks for your sweet words, it means alot! and for being a part of this project!

    big love,

  2. Laura, you are so flippin’ talented!!! any time!!! I have done some of the wood block photo transfers before, but i think they went the way of the yard sale… sad but true. I might try some more soon…getting a little creative lately…maybe it’s my mid life crisis! lol

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