Love Love Love Love, Crazy Love…

I am loving pink trinkets…I’ve heard people say that Valentines day is a fabricated hallmark holiday, and that we just perpetuate the card industry’s need for greed. I’d like to disagree, but i can’t help but see the displays at the local super store and wonder if they’re not onto something. Perhaps this year, rather than spending our money on lace and doilies that we’ll throw away next year… maybe we should be sending some of that ultra pink and red love towards Haiti. I’m in the process of making some things to sell at our local coffee shop, so i can send some money to Doctors Without Borders. It’s something. And it’s something from my ♥.

I have taken to cutting up random sweaters lately, and out of the sleeves of the resultant felted sweater, I made these great little cuffs… my hands get so cold while typing and working in photoshop!!!

Just need to serge around the edge of where i cut the thumb hole, but otherwise, i love them!!!


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