Project Two: Confetti Quilt Square

No tutorial with this one… it’s sort of self explanatory.  Part of my contribution to the ‘Great State Quilting Project’ I mentioned HERE..

I started with a bunch of old t-shirts that Quinn had either outgrown, or had holes in them from our Dryer Debacle of 2009… don’t ask.

Add that to a pair of electric Black and Decker scissors (which I totally ♥), and you’ve got yourself some confetti.

I just put a double stitch through each little piece of fabric, in the middle, leaving the edges curly.

Then I used felt and leftover white fabric to create the lighthouse and the seagull.

Don’t know that i have the patience to sew an entire quilt using the confetti technique, but it sure will make for a fun texture for the kids to touch at the children’s hospital.



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