Out of the gates…

So, decided I would begin to start entering different challenges, to spur my creativity.  This one is from

Free Digital Scrapbooking

It’s pretty simple to use their templates, and I ordered the paper pack from Tracy Davidson on Etsy.

Okay, and now i’m so excited I cannot stand it…while looking up Tracy Davidson, I found her website, and they are shutting down the scrapbooking portion of the shop.  They are offering a ‘Buy The Store’ option for $69.95, where you get EVERYTHING in the store, and let me tell you, there is some fun stuff.

If you use photoshop, this is for you.

Click Here to See The Offer

Some examples of her stuff (she is an amazing artist, and I really hope she continues to design…I’m not a big buyer of this sort of thing, so my getting excited about it is saying a lot!)

Now, i know, you’re saying ‘why would I ever need that stuff???’

Well, here’s a list:

HomeMade Cards, thank you notes, postcards, newsletters, web pages, your daughter’s book report, your facebook photo, your IM icon, the decals that label your crafting drawers (um, we are all that organized right… ha!)… I could keep going, but it’s your job.

I tell you what, if anyone is out there, let’s see what OTHER types of things these cute digital downloads could be used for…then head on over to Tracy’s site before she closes it down for good, and pick up a few things, if not the whole KIT AND KABOODLE!!!



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