happy happy joy joy…

Visited Swoozies today, at Friendly shopping center in Greensboro, and got just bamboozled with color.  Thought I’d throw in a little inspiration, in anticipation of tomorrow’s beginning of the first project.  Enjoy!

If i was cool, i would wear these everywhere, even to bed…

Doc Martens at  Cloggs

mmmm, pillows… at myakka.

Great, yummy, pics on Flickr by Zalita.

My favorite ever… Bakerella!!!  Always a good place to go for inspiration!

I’m feelin’ a little Punk today!  Rahrebels

This would go perfecT with my first project of 2010…hint hint!  Lime Green Chenille Fabric.

Ahhh, this bag was made for me!!!   on ETSY

You cannot go wrong with hot pink…EVER!!!  Hot Pink Umbrella at Umbrella Heaven.

I don’t know if they sell the lime green in the but go HERE to find the hot pink… still, i think lime green suits it!!!

I sure wish Sequins weren’t so hard to sew on…i’d have them on everything!  Turquoise Sequins from Simply Sequins.

Okay, so per Ali Edwards, I’ve selects my word for 2010.  I’m going with ‘Create’, because I believe that somewhere inside my brain i have the ability to have original thoughts, and turn those thoughts into beautiful things.  It is my hope that I’ll be able to inspire at least one person this year, with my creations, or my wit, or whatever…lol.

So far, nobody is reading this, which is okay, since i’m just taking off.  Gives me a little bit of runway to work with.

Tomorrow starts the meat and potatoes of this blog, and thus begins my adventure…



One response to “happy happy joy joy…

  1. I’m reading… you’ve got my curiousity peaked…

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