So, of course, December always brings projects with it.  Whether it’s decorating on a dime or finding something to make for someone that’s completely original, I’m always saddled down with fabric and miscellaneous accoutrement (Ha, good word!), at the last minute, hoping to get that gasp of delight from whomever I’m creating for.

So, here it is, 8 days out from Christmas, and the fabric I’ve ordered for a project has arrived…it’s horrid.  I may or may not be able to work with this, but i’m going to post it.  I tried to make it look pretty, but it’s pretty much ugly.

The fabric is for a wizard’s cloak, for my niece, so we’ll see…still not sure if i can make it work, but i’m going to post some images and see what anyone else might think… ugg.



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